Which Bag is Right For You?

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One bag doesn't always fit all-- that's why we designed five! We often get asked how our bags compare in size so we created a video packing up each of our bags with the same amount of things so you can judge for yourself which size and style will work best for you!

Spoiler alert-- the bag that can pack the most might surprise you!

Most spacious: The Aspen

Minimalist packer: The Cairo

Most Pockets: The Capri

Best Organized: The Aberdeen

Most versatile: The Milan

The Aberdeen + Milan + Aspen + Capri surprisingly could all fit the same exact amount. The Milan + Capri were packed to max capacity while The Aberdeen had a little room to spare + The Aspen had even more room to spare. 

The Aspen is the absolute perfect bag for outings, say Disneyland or the zoo. Yu can pack all the necessities plus pack it with tons of snacks and water bottles-- plus it is SUPER comfortable! 

The Aberdeen is perfect if you love a tote style bag but love the backpack option. It also works great if you often carry your laptop with you as it has a 15" laptop sleeve in the back. The organization in the Aberdeen is unreal as it is actually two bags in one. The center pocket unclips out and can be used a crossbody bag. If you want to put your mind at ease and not worry about things spilling, the Aberdeen has the removeable/washable interior lining.

The Cairo would surprise you with the amount she can pack. She was able to carry diapers, wipes, snacks, extra outfits, wallet, sunglasses, toy, bottle & blanket. If you tend to be a minimalist when it comes to packing your bag or if you don't need to tote around baby things anymore, The Cairo might just be the perfect bag for you. 

The Milan is a medium/large bag. It is hard to say exactly. She could fit everything in that The Aberdeen + Aspen packed and zipped up great but wouldn't have room for anything else. The Milan is a great option if you find yourself traveling often as she has the back luggage sleeve. The Milan also easily carries a 32 oz. water bottle in the exterior side pocket. She is also super comfortable to carry around, even fully packed. And again if you want to put your mind at ease with the removeable/washable lining, the Milan bag would be perfect for you. 

The Capri is just about the same size as the Milan. The Capri is perfect for you if you like to have a specific place for all your things as she has literally so many pockets. The Capri is also super comfortable fully packed and can easily fit a 32 oz. water bottle on the outside when packed not so full. 

Watch the video for yourself and see which bag fits your needs! 

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