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Holiday Gift Guide For Her 2021


The holidays will be here before we know it! One of my love languages is gift giving and because of that I overanalyze literally every gift I give-- wanting it to be absolutely perfect. For that reason I created this gift guide of things that I have purchased this last year and have LOVED. Hopefully, it will give you some ideas for the perfect gift this holiday season. 

1. Jimmy Choo Perfume. I tracked down this perfume for YEARS. You know when you walk by someone and they smell so good but you don't know if you should awkwardly tell them and then ask them what they are wearing? yeah, that was me for about five years until I finally found the courage to chase a lady down in the mall one day. I love this perfume so much. It is fruity, woodsy, deliciousness. It is rich and stays on all day long but isn't too overpowering. Also here is a fun can get a sample test tube for free before you commit to buy! Ask someone at Sephora or Nordstrom, if they don't have one they will make one for you! 

2. Knot headbands are totally in right now. This leopard one from J.Crew is my absolute favorite. The knot isn't bulky which I love and I wear it with my hair down or even with my hair up in a messy bun. It also goes with everything, leopard print is a neutral right?? 

3. The Milan is a brand new Elkie bag and seriously adorable! This taupe color is so perfect year round and goes with every outfit which I love. It is the perfect size, big enough for me to put in all of my things as well as my kids but definitely doesn't feel bulky. It also has a snow leopard interior lining which is so cute. The lining can be removed and thrown in the washing machine! There is also a luggage sleeve on the backside to put over your suitcase handle, I can't wait to travel somewhere again!

4. WinkClique DIY lash extensions. I have wanted eyelash extensions for years but felt they would be a long term and expensive commitment. I got these DIY lash extensions 6 months ago and oh my goodness my life has been changed! They are easy to apply, look so real, stay on for 2-3 weeks straight with showering/swimming etc. and are so affordable! I am a low maintenance type of girl and most days I don't even wear makeup but I still look completely put together. I was worried they would damage my lashes underneath but nope they have not bothered them at all! 

5. The only jewelry I wear is from Madewell. Their jewelry is made out of brass so it lasts forever. I go weeks without taking off my necklace and earrings and you would never know, I even swim and shower with them on. These earrings  are my go-to. They are so dainty and perfect and look like I have 3 tiny earrings when I actually have one. I get compliments all the time on them!

6. I have used a Loopy phone case for 5 years now and I will never go back. I am all about hands free because I am constantly carrying kids, groceries, packages etc. I hold my phone with my finger and have full access to both of my hands. I also rarely drop my phone #stopthedrop I currently have the blush color with the glow coral loopy but I am crushing on this periwinkle color, I think it would look so cute with a coral or mint loopy.

7. I hate nail polish because I always end up smudging it before it dries. I found these press on nails and they shocked me how well they stayed on! I use my hands A LOT and they didn't budge at all, I think they lasted a total of 2 weeks and they are only $7. Target and Walmart also sell them! They have the cutest designs for holidays too.

8. I live in Kansas where we have four distinct seasons. Winters are cold, snowy, and slushy. A good pair of winter boots is a must. Target just came out with these Chelsea boots and they are under $40. They are so cute and well made. They keep selling out online, I had to turn on a notification for them to email me when they came back in stock. My phone dinged at 7:04 am and I bought them right then and there half awake, within 10 minutes they were sold out again, so turn on your notifications and check your stores. 

9. I just upgraded my wallet from high school to this Elkie Wallet and it is absolute perfection. I carry a lot of gift cards, credit cards, insurance cards, cash, etc. You never know when you might need something. haha. This wallet fits everything in it, I also love that the coin purse is on the inside of the wallet. I currently have the saddle color in my bag and the leather cream interiors are the most beautiful addition. So pretty!

10. Have you jumped on the instant pot train yet? I was very reluctant to get one and then I was gifted one, I was scared to use it at first because I was severely burned in college by a pressure cooker but I overcame my fear and now I am a pro, well not sure about that but I do use it a few times a week. I am constantly running my kids to and from dance, gymnastics, soccer, piano etc. and everything seems to be during dinner time. I usually put everything in the instant pot right after school, delay the start time and by the time we are ready to eat everything to ready to go. 

11. I love candles and I am constantly burning them throughout my house. My favorite ones are Bath and Body Works. This Fresh Baslam is my favorite Christmas scent. I associate the smell of Christmas with a fresh cut tree but I have only had an artificial one since getting married, this candle does the trick. I also love that Bath and Body candles fill your whole house with scent! Candle day is coming up Dec. 3-4th and the candles are MAJORLY marked down- I think I usually pay $7/candle. Sign up for their coupons in the mail to save even more and they send you free product coupons, no purchase necessary, every month. 

12. I will be honest, I am not a reader. I have the hardest time focusing when I read and my mind is often in the clouds thinking about everything but the words on the page. The Nightingale is so great though, it may be the only book I have read in the last four years but if my ADHD mind could pay attention through it, I am confident you will too. It is a really great read!

13. I actually have not purchased this yet but I am putting it on my wish list this year. It is a salad bar that you keep in your fridge. I love having salads at dinnertime but it is such a hassle to cut everything up when most nights, its just me who dishes up salad onto my plate. You can prep all the veggies at the beginning of the week and get it out at each meal.

14. I bought these Costco slippers, three years ago and they are still so warm and comfy. I am actually shocked how affordable they are for the quality, we are talking UGG quality and they are under $25 

I hope you enjoyed reading all of my favorite things that will make the perfect gifts this season. 




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