Aspen vs. Aspen Midi: Which Mom Bag Is for You?

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Aspen vs. Aspen Midi

As a mom, you have to do everything and anything for your kids. When they’re still bawling babies or tumbling toddlers, part of your role is lugging all of their stuff around. To make your life easier, get one of the best mom bags out there that’s versatile, functional, and easy to clean yet still stylish enough to carry your own things in.

Considering these factors, the mom backpack you’re looking for can be the Aspen or the Aspen Midi. Both are practical and stylish vegan leather bags designed to suit your needs as a mom. The two backpacks look similar, but there are slight differences between the two that you could take a closer look at. So which one is the best mom backpack for you? Read on to dive into their features!

Material and Durability

You might be hesitant to look into designer diaper bags and that’s understandable because everything gets a lot messier with kids. But with either the Aspen or the Aspen Midi, you get a leather diaper bag that can withstand spills and wear-and-tear. You get durability without letting go of style as both are made of the same premium microfiber textured leather that’s rarely found in the bag industry, and embellished with gold zippers and hardware. You don’t have to worry about accidents as their creamy white, buttery soft interiors are stain and water-resistant.

Production and Packaging

Both the Aspen and the Aspen Midi are ethically made as the premium vegan leather material is cruelty-free. They’re also packed with the utmost care with dust bags included to make sure you get them in perfect condition.

Design and Style

The Aspen and the Aspen Midi come in the same luxurious, versatile design: They both have a top grab handle, backpack straps that are perfect when you need both hands free, and a removable messenger strap when you don’t have much to carry and you want easy access to your mom bag. With four gold feet, both can stand on their own without their microfiber leather bottoms touching the ground. You can also get a matching stroller strap so you can hang them on any stroller to let your shoulders rest from time to time.

An extra for the Aspen Midi is a detachable tassel bag charm attached to the front zip pocket. Both bags come in timeless neutral colors that are perfect all year round, but while you can get the Aspen Midi in Saddle, Ebony, Tan, Taupe, and Cream, the Aspen only comes in the first four colors.

Size and Capacity

The two bags have almost similar pockets. For easier and more organized packing, both have several compartments including 8 interior pockets, 2 interior insulated bottle pockets, and 5 exterior pockets including one with strong magnetic closure to secure your items while still giving you easy access to them. They also both have a D-ring so you can attach a bag charm or your hand sanitizer bottle.

But the obvious difference between the Aspen and the Aspen Midi is in size and capacity. As its name suggests, the Aspen Midi is slightly smaller and lighter at 13” W x 11” H x 5.5” D and 1.75 lbs, than the Aspen, which has dimensions of 15” W x 13” H x 7” D and weighs 2.3 lbs. The Aspen’s exterior side pocket can also fit a 32-ounce water bottle. It also has a padded sleeve that is big enough to fit a 15-inch laptop, while the Aspen Midi’s can only fit your tablet.

You have to pick the bag with size and capacity perfect for your lifestyle, the number of kids you have, and your activities with them. While your mom backpack should be big enough to fit all your needs, it shouldn’t be too big that you get tempted to overpack. To get an idea of how much you can pack in either, watch the Aspen’s and the Aspen Midi’s packing videos.


Both the Aspen and the Aspen Midi are luxury vegan leather backpacks offered at the very best price, with the Aspen just being a bit pricier for its bigger capacity. You can also get them in 4 interest-free installments. Don’t hesitate to get either (or both!) because their quality is so top-notch and they confidently come with a 90-day warranty—definitely worthy investments!

The Verdict

While almost identical in every feature, especially in quality and functionality, the most prominent difference between the Aspen and the Aspen Midi is in size and capacity. Consider your lifestyle with your children in choosing between the two: you may want the Aspen Midi that’s not too big nor too small—the perfect size for everyday activities, or you may prefer the Aspen if you travel a lot or you have many kids. Whichever you choose, you definitely get a functional yet luxurious, leather diaper bag that will stand the test of time.

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