HI! I'm Charlotte, a wife, mother of 5, and owner of Elkie. I started Elkie in 2019 as a creative outlet amongst the messes. A messy diaper bag and terrible experience cleaning it is what inspired me to design a diaper bag that was beautiful and luxurious on the outside and washable on the inside. It’s been a journey of hard work, resilience, and determination. I am so grateful for the love and support from you that has made this mamas dream come true.

Motherhood is messy but your diaper bag doesn’t need to be. I feel that everything moms carry should be durable, beautiful, functional, and easy to clean. Each one of our products is just like that, made with the highest quality of materials, easy to keep organized, easy to clean, and so beautiful you’ll get compliments everywhere you go.

Family is at the core of Elkie & Co. right down to the name. Elkie stands for the first letter of each of my girls name in birth order— (E)mma, (L)ydia, (K)ate, (I)vy, (E)vans, (& co.) the rest of the fam. We are a small family run business and involve our kids very much in the process. Most likely there is a 2 year old running around when bags are shipping out, a 5 year old begging me to add a hot pink bag to the mix, and a 10 year old putting the packaging materials on the changing mats. Join our family on instagram: @elkieco_ + @charlotteevans___

meet the team


Meet Billy, our multi-talented SEO whiz, finance manager, tech support hero. He's the mastermind optimizing our online presence, ensuring our financial health, fixing tech glitches. Billy is Charlotte husband and her biggest cheerleader.


Meet Patty! She packages all your orders, keeps the warehouse organized, supplies ordered, and keeps me sane. She does all the heavy lifting around here (quite literally) and is actual proof that grandmas can wear ELKIE too (also she is the best MIL)


Meet Shelby, the friendly voice on the other side of the computer that you message all day long. She answers all the questions, keeps everyone happy, and keeps everyone in line.


To create timeless products for women that are durable, beautiful, functional, and easy to clean.


Fairly made

Each one of our products is designed in Overland Park, KS and custom made in China. We have developed a strong relationship with our manufacture and ensure that all international labor standards are maintained and respected.

Quality Craftmanship

We source the highest quality of materials to produce the highest quality of products. Each of our products go through multiple quality checks before being shipped out. We are confident in the quality of our products and offer a one year warranty.

Timeless designs

We strive to create products that never go out of style. Our designs are unique, functional, stylish, yet timeless. We understand the investment it is for quality and want that investment to always be a modern accessory.