Elkie bags are made with a newly innovated material called microfiber leather. The material will not peel, chip with use and performs better than real leather and standard vegan leathers. 

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The Benefits Microfiber Leather


Unlike 99.9% of standard vegan leather bags, Microfiber Leather will not peel, chip, or crack over time.


Microfiber Leather is the lightest weight material compared to real leather as well as standard leather bags. 


When it comes to cleaning, simple wipe down your bag with mild soap and warm water. Not much can damage the material.

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Meet The Bags


The Aberdeen has many unique features that set it apart from other bags on the market. Aside from the removable interior lining it also comes with a clutch that clips into the bag making organization a breeze. When you are headed out for a quick second and don't need everything your bag can carry, unclip the center pouch and attach the included crossbody strap and you have yourself a small purse. The Aberdeen also features a padded laptop sleeve that fits most 16" laptops. The Aberdeen can be worn as a tote, backpack, or crossbody.


The Aspen is our largest capacity bag and it doesn't even look like it. Although it does not have a removable lining, the lining is water and stain resistant. There is a padded laptop sleeve as well that fits most 16" laptops. The side pockets fit a 32 oz.  A favorite feature of the Aspen is the front pocket; this pocket is so large it can be a bag in and of itself.  This pocket can fit so much! Even when fully packed the Aspen is super comfy and the straps never dig into your shoulders.


The Milan is another one of our 'washable' bags. This bag is perfect for the woman that wants a little bit of everything. It has strong magnetic pockets (another feature found throughout all ELKIE bags). The top flap never flops around as it is secured with those same strong magnets that always find their way back to each other. You can fit a 32 oz. water bottle in the side pockets. The back features a large slip pocket that doubles as a trolley sleeve to fit over your suitcase. The inside has so many pockets as well including a large pocket that can fit a 13" tablet.


The Capri is notorious for its many pockets. There are 14 pockets throughout the bag making organizing a breeze. Although the Capri may appear small at first glance, it actually can pack a lot as it holds it's weight vertically. The Capri comes with a removable crossbody strap allowing you to wear it as a backpack, crossbody, shoulder bag, or pick it up by the top grab handle. 


The Cairo is a mini version of the Aberdeen. Although we say mini, the amount it can pack may surprise you. The Cairo has a removable lining as well and a smaller pouch/purse is coming summer 2022 to match the Aberdeen. The Cairo fits most 13" tablet/laptops and one of my favorite features is the convertible backpack feature as we know everyone needs a hands-free option.


We carry a variety of accessories. We have the most amazing wallet, perfect for the woman who carries lots of cards or travels a lot. We have baby diaper changing mats, stroller straps, and tassel key chains. 

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