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Washable Bags

luxury+ quality + functional + washable

MEET OUR washable bags

the aberdeen

the original to elkie + our #1 seller still 4 years later. the aberdeen is loved by nurses + teachers + boss ladies. the aberdeen has a small crossbody purse that clips in and out of the bag making organization a breeze. It can be worn as a backpack + tote.

the cairo

the cairo is perfect for professionals who carry nothing bigger than a tablet to work everyday. the cairo is a great size to hold snacks + personal items. the cairo features the removable + washable lining + can also be worn as a crossbody or backpack.

the milan

the milan is similar to the aberdeen but in true backpack form. the milan features the removable lining + trolley sleeve + expandable sides. the milan is loved by professionals for its versatility and real leather option.