How to Do Last-Minute Gift Shopping for Your Kids

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As a mom, you’re most probably taking care of the major preparations for the holidays: the home decoration, the tree, the dinner, and the family Christmas cards. You’re also already done with your holiday shopping for relatives and friends, but you just realized you haven’t gotten your kids their presents! Fret not, Momma, you won’t disappoint your babies on Christmas. Here are some tips to get those last-minute gifts for kids:


Make a List

If your kids didn’t give you a wishlist, ask them what they would like for Christmas directly. Some children would also encircle the toys they want on the catalog. Compile things they want and pick out the things on the list that you can easily get at the last minute. Indicate from which store you can find them and if you can order them online. Write down if they offer express delivery so they can arrive on time for Christmas.


Create a Time Frame

With a list of your last-minute gift ideas for kids and the details on how to get each of them, it’s time to create a time frame for your Christmas shopping. Set a time limit for buying each gift so you don’t spend too much time on one present. Doing this will make your shopping more efficient and you’ll be sure to get presents for all your kids.


Get Express Delivery

When ordering online, make sure the store offers express delivery if you want to be sure your presents arrive on time. The last thing you want to happen is waiting for packages that won’t be delivered until January.


Order Online and Pick Up In-Store

Shopping last minute means having to wade through crowds inside the mall. Ordering online and having it delivered also has the risk of your presents not making it on time for Christmas. The best option would be to order online but choose to pick it up yourself in-store because you make sure you get what you need right away without having to beat the hordes of fellow last-minute shoppers.


Get a Toy Store Gift Card

If you’ve exhausted all your options for getting last-minute Christmas gifts for kids, your last resort is a toy store gift card. While it is impersonal and might not spark the same joy in your kids’ hearts as an actual toy will, you can explain to them that they can pick out their own gift from their favorite toy store themselves. Hopefully, the experience will be exciting for them.


Gift an Experience

One of the fast Christmas gift ideas for your kids is an experience. As a last resort, you can get them gift certificates to attractions and fun activities. Give them waterpark passes, amusement park tickets, or wildlife and adventure courses. When they get it on Christmas, tell them they can claim their fun gifts even months after the holidays!


Get Creative

Last-minute cheap Christmas gifts for kids are hard to find. If you’ve exhausted all means to shop to no avail, why not get creative? If you can knit or make handicrafts, you can create your own presents for your children. If you’re not the most creative mom, you can always create a cute coupon that can be anything for your kids such as “1 wish” or “1 ‘yes’ day.” Just make sure to stipulate the terms and limitations so you won’t have any regrets later on.

Gift shopping for your kids at the last minute is not ideal, but as a busy mom who is taking care of all holiday preparations, it’s understandable. Don’t stress too much about it, you will definitely not disappoint your kids on Christmas. With careful planning and a good strategy, you can get the best last-minute gifts for kids. Don’t forget to reward yourself, too! You deserve a great present for being a great mom, so get yourself some quality luxurious gifts that are also practical and useful for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some last-minute gift ideas for kids?

To give your kids the best gifts, get what they really want for Christmas. Follow their wishlist or ask them directly. But if you run out of options, you can get a toy store gift card so they can also have the experience of choosing their own present. You can also gift them a fun experience such as waterpark passes, amusement park tickets, or exciting wildlife and adventure courses. You can also be creative and create personalized gifts for your children.


How to make sure last-minute Christmas gifts for kids arrive on time?

The best way to get gifts on time is to shop in-store. However, you have to brave the crowd of fellow last-minute shoppers. If you order last-minute Christmas gifts for your kids online, make sure the store offers express delivery so your presents arrive on time. You can opt to order online and pick the gifts up yourself in-store to make sure you get what you need right away without having to beat the hordes of shoppers.


How to choose the best Christmas gift for a kid?

Christmas is an exciting holiday for kids as they expect fun festivities, a wonderful time with family, and of course, presents. While you would also want to teach them to appreciate anything they receive, there’s nothing wrong with indulging them during the holidays. The best Christmas gift for a kid is what they want to receive so take note of their wishlist. You know your kid best so you would know how to choose the Christmas gift that would truly make them happy.

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