How to Convert Your Bag into a Backpack

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For those who have always wanted the flexibility to turn a tote bag into a backpack, the search ends here. Our Elkie Aberdeen collection brings you the best in style and functionality. Especially for parents, having a diaper bag that looks like a purse offers a blend of elegance and practicality. And with our backpack conversion straps, the transformation is seamless. Here's how you can convert your purse to a backpack with ease:


convert tote into backpack tutorial


1. Adjust and Align: Start with our unique backpack conversion straps. Using the adjustable buckle, lengthen the strap to its maximum. Once done, fold the strap in half and smoothly thread it through the D-ring. This D-ring positioning is crafted keeping in mind both aesthetics and comfort for when you turn the Elkie Aberdeen into a backpack.

2. Knot for Security: Twist the top of the folded strap to form a loop. This is the heart of the conversion technique. Now, pass the ends of the strap through this loop and pull to tighten. This ensures your straps stay secure and in place, providing the sturdiness of a backpack.

3. Finishing Touches: Twist the top of the strap slightly so that it rests flat against the D-ring, maintaining the sleek appearance of the Elkie Aberdeen. Finally, use the clasps at the ends of the straps and connect them to the D-rings at the bag's base.

And there you have it! In a few simple steps, you've managed to turn your tote bag into a backpack.

In Conclusion

The Elkie Aberdeen isn't just a diaper bag that looks like a purse; it's a statement of versatility. Whether you want the elegance of a tote or the convenience of a backpack, our design caters to all your needs. Experience the ease of transformation and turn heads with a bag that adapts to your lifestyle!


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