Halloween Costumes: DIY Edition

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There’s just something fun about making your kids a costume for Halloween! They will love watching you craft and create something special that is just for them. If you’re wanting to make a costume but you feel overwhelmed at the thought, we have some tips for you.

Skill Level

Keep your skill level in mind when choosing a design. If you have never used a sewing machine or power tools before it would be wise to minimize those aspects in your plans. It’s easy to get carried away when looking at ideas on the internet, but try to keep it to what you know you are capable of.



DIY does not always translate into saving money. Fabric and other crafting supplies can be expensive but if you watch sales and plan ahead you can usually find some bargains and that can translate into savings. You can also get creative with items you find at discount and dollar stores. This is where it pays off to think outside the box.



If you want to make your kids costumes give yourself plenty of time and start gathering your supplies and begin your crafting early. This will help avoid any last minute stress and chaos and then you can simply enjoy your kids the day they finally get to wear their costumes!



  • Once you have landed on a costume idea, before you run and shop for supplies or accessories, shop your own home. You will likely be surprised at how much you already have that you can use. 
  • Look at things with an eye to repaint or repurpose it in a way it might not have been intended. You can also find one of a kind things at thrift stores 
  • If you are creating something that needs a large amount of fabric, try looking at bed linens. There’s a lot of fabric in a set of king size sheets! Definitely shop your linen closet at home and thrift stores for these. If you have to buy new you can typically find good prices on inexpensive sets at big box retail stores. You can also use fabric dye to change the color of white or light color linens. 
  • If your design calls for plush fabrics, check out some of the luxury fleece throws available this time of year. Just like linens, you can typically get more bang for your buck.
  • I love going to the hardware store and finding creative ways of bringing my creations to life. If you need any lumber be sure to check out the scrap bin and clearance cart.

Whatever you decide to create, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. There are no rules you must follow, just have fun you will be sure to create wonderful memories with your kids!

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