9 Things Moms Need for Kids’ Trick-or-Treat

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Trick-or-treating is one of the annual activities children are most excited about. While walking around the neighborhood in the dark with your little, candy-crazed brood may be daunting, you don’t have to be spooked out by being totally prepared for this Halloween affair. If you’re taking your little kids out trick-or-treating, here are nine things for your baby you should bring:


The darker the night, the spookier the Halloween activities—then you lose the little devils. Don’t be too complacent as they might run off and be lost in the dark, especially if the neighborhood isn’t well-lit in the evening. Better be safe than spooked. Bring a small flashlight so you can easily spot your kids when needed. You can also make each kid wear colorful glow necklaces or bracelets to make safety fun for everyone.



Even if the kids are old enough to walk, chances are they’re gonna get tired or their candy pails are gonna get too heavy. Make sure to bring a stroller so you don’t end up having to carry a whining preschooler or two. Another pro tip is to use a stroller strap. With durable stroller straps, you can hang your mom bag from the back of your stroller so you don’t have to carry it the whole evening. It’s convenient especially when it gets heavy after all the candy your kids’ buckets can no longer hold.


Hand Sanitizer

Your kids will definitely be touching anything and everything so make sure to keep the germs away. Have a hand sanitizer that’s easy to spray on their hands after they ring doorbells or get candy.

Water Bottle

Expect that your little ones will be thirsty after walking a lot and after eating a ton of candy. Keep them hydrated with a full water bottle or two, depending on how many kids you have. Don’t forget to bring one for yourself too, Momma.


Baby Wipes

The little monkeys will not be able to resist eating candy before they get home. Be prepared for messy, candy-smeared hands and faces by bringing your trusted pack of baby wipes.


Extra Diapers

If you have little ones who are still in diapers, make sure to bring extra diapers just in case. It’s a hassle and no fun for the kids to disrupt the activity if you have to go back home for a quick change. To make on-the-go diaper changes a lot easier, it’s also a good idea to bring a changing mat. Choose one that’s slim and compact so it fits easily in your diaper bag.


Cold Weather Clothes

The evening can get chilly, so bring sweaters, gloves, hats, or whatever you and the kids would need to keep warm. It would be a shame to cut Halloween short just because it got too cold for you and the little ones.

Mini Sewing Kit

Prepare for the worst when it comes to their costumes (and yours). You might have to remedy wardrobe malfunctions so be ready to do quick repairs. Make sure you have a mini sewing kit that contains at least a needle, thread, and pins.

Power Bank

You wouldn’t want to miss taking photos of your babies in their adorable costumes. Make sure your phone doesn’t die in the middle of trick-or-treating. Bring a fully charged power bank so you can capture all the precious memories.

The thought of walking around the neighborhood at night with your little devils might be daunting. But you can be prepared to make Halloween fun not just for your kids, but for yourself, too. Just bring these things every mom needs for trick-or-treating with kids and you’ll be fine.

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